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All things relating to truths discovered via reason alone: morality, society, conspiracy theories, classical issues like happiness, etc.


All things pertaining to the nature of God and religious belief. Topis such as evidence for certain religious beliefs, divine characteristics, the afterlife, etc.

Welcome to truth, beauty, and goodness!

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Dear Soul,

With warm welcome,

Ian Smith

      I welcome you to this home of truth, beauty, and goodness, where you can foster a joyous intellectual life. Learning and philosophy don't need to be painstaking and dry, though they involve work, no! Richness of knowledge can come with simplicity and delight. I hope to bring this richness & simplicity by short (but NOT boring) philosophy letters, and by providing the best poetry and quotations in one place, in a highly ordered manner.


     The entire site has a split two-part approach based upon the idea that philosophy of natural things is a wonderful means to come to truth, beauty, and goodness, and that by it, we naturally ascend to the philosophy of God, theology, faith, & religion (where philosophy is still essential). Within each of the main pages you'll see this progression/dichotomy. These two parts are, firstly, Pure Philosophy, and secondly, Philosophy & Theology. The first part serves as the foundation for the second, but pick your flavor! 

       The Letters page is the hearth and heart of this home, featuring all original content written in a precise, short, playful, and simple manner. I passionately encourage contemplation for these letters, as the short nature of these philosophical works makes them dense and fairly non-repetitive. Let silence, the mother of all learning, bring clarity to your thought, and give your mind due time to process challenging concepts alongside the letters. This same spirit of contemplation will lend a special radiance to the beauty of the Poetry page and reveal the truths contained in its artistic language, as also, it will elucidate the truth and goodness of the enumerations recounted in the Wise Words page. All these pages together have but one aim, though each achieves this aim in a unique manner: the unveiling of that which is true, good, and beautiful.

       I hope that the variety of avenues towards the true, the good, and the beautiful here will be a light to any type of mind, and to you in any state that you might find yourself in, whether you're needing inspiration, answers, a wake-up call, etc. I highly encourage you to drop me a message if you have any questions, suggestions, or objections that are on your heart and mind. With all this being said, all I can say is I'm glad that you're here and wish you much enjoyment on the site!

Quote of the Month

The right to search for truth implies also a duty, one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true.

Albert Einstein

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