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At Dear Soul, we foster a joyful and meaningful existence by filling souls with the truth, beauty, and goodness they crave, empowering them to live sincerely in a modern era which often strips them of these wonders.


The Story

In pursuing my philosophy degree, the sheer magnitude of reading was exponential. On top of this, I found that famous philosophers often wrote without intrigue and without simple clarity. As a result, I had not a moment for contemplation and struggled to grasp unclear, dry concepts. I deeply felt it was time to spice things up. The idea of short, rich, clear, and playfully written philosophy was born in my heart. An enjoyable philosophy website was to come...

A few weeks pass, and my roommate, bidding me farewell, says: "Goodbye, dear soul!" I fell in love with this phrase; its sweet, sincere ring and simple revelation were wonderful. Soon I knew: "Dear Soul" needed to entitle my website and my philosophy needed to be written as mailed letters are, commencing with this sweet greeting. This phrase so perfectly encompassed my desire to write philosophy that wouldn't wear down readers, yet would engage them and cause them joy in the truth. 

 Pondering upon my project and its direction, I realized that I really just desired to clearly unveil the oneness of truth, beauty, and goodness: to make truth accessible and to amplify the fairness and rectitude that are one with it. And so I thought, "why not illuminate the beautiful with truthful art (this being poetry) and the good with enlightening words of wisdom?" Thereafter, every part of my website came alive, and thereby Dear Soul, was born.


All of our content is split into two successive categories: Pure Philosophy and Philosophy & Theology. This dissection illustrates our belief that there is a natural progression from philosophy to religion/theology, though theology wholly preserves reasoning, just as faith preserves philosophy. We encourage you to start with Pure Philosophy, getting grounded in right reason and the truths flowing therefrom, and then to move to Philosophy & Theology, which focuses on religion and God, but pick your flavor! 


Each of these two successive categories on the Letters page has completely unique content, while the Philosophy & Theology category on the Wise Words and Poetry pages cumulates theological content with the purely philosophical content. This pattern is such because the letters address specific questions and are meant to answer them, while the quotations and written art are supposed to be broad fountains of truth, beauty, and goodness in which you can spontaneously find different things to ponder. 





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A fountain pen handcrafted from a dove's feather. The fountain pen represents the desire to put forth the truth, and to do so after the thoughtful and sincere manner of a handwritten letter. The dove's feather represents beauty, as also how beauty is a messenger of the truth, just as doves were formerly messengers. This feather pen is readily available to the figure here; he carries his pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness everywhere.

A bust resembling Michelangelo's Romanesque David. The logo imagines this figure as quite younger though, meshing youthfulness with the antiquity of Roman art. This enjoinment symbolizes how youthfulness lends to long life, is an image of eternity, and is more lovely than any era or age.

The eyebrows and forehead, two great revealers of emotion, convey the figure's state of complete calm, of all-encompassing tranquility. This glorifies the two characteristics of level-headedness (in debate, correction, etc.) and peace (in the knowledge of the truth).

These eyes, the "windows to the soul," are blank for two reasons: one, to portray the importance of silence and contemplation for knowing the truth, and two, to portray the purity and clarity of a sincere person's sight. These eyes aren't closed though, they're open and adept, showing an attentive and charitable spirit. 














Meet The Team

Ian Smith

CEO & Writer

Michael Audi

Writer & Editor

Our Contributors


John Endris


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